Monday, May 2, 2022

Granny Square

It is May, and there is a new UFO number for the month, and I have new kits I bought on shop hop that I am so tempted to start cutting, but I decided I really needed to make some significant progress with my Granny Square quilt. I had most of the afternoon to work on it and managed to get a little done (not enough).

I got all the strips pieced for the border and have started putting them together.
Unfortunately, I lost my cheatsheat with the number of strips I need for the sides and the top and bottom. I needed to finish reassembling the center and remeasure so I can do the math.

I got all the cornerstones removed from the outer perimeter and have started piecing white squares into the spots where the colored ones were.

I think you can see from this picture where I took out the colored cornerstones. You can also see that I have a little more help than I actually need. Bill went to Fort Worth to see our granddaughters gymnastics competition, so I have been chief dog wrangler and ball thrower for a few days now. They keep me busy.

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