Thursday, May 12, 2022

Road Trip

When I did the shop hop a few weeks ago, I signed up for prize drawings at the shops I visited. The Ganado shop called me the following week to tell me I had won a $20 store credit. I had to think about it because the price of gas is so high, but it is only about 35 miles. I also went through my goodie bags and found a 20% off coupon for the same shop.

Bill wanted to go too as we like the Mexican restaurant there. Why is it the dumpiest looking places often have the best food?

I don’t usually eat a big lunch, but…..

After we went to the quilt shop and had lunch we visited a couple of antique stores.
We don’t need anything; it’s just fun to look.

What did I buy at the quilt shop? A fat quarter pack and a pattern:

I also got some additional fabric for the border. The fabric designer is William Reue, and here’s a fun fact. He’s from my home town (Port Lavaca), and I graduated with his brother Robert. The fabric line is called Madison One, and it is very striking.

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