Sunday, May 8, 2022

One Decision Made

I had delayed making a decision about my cross stitch.

 It was framed at Hobby Lobby, and I wasn't really satisfied with how crooked it was, and the little poofy spots in it.

I really debated on taking it back and asking to have it fixed, but once I hung it up on the wall it was forgotten about.

I was in my workroom yesterday sewing when I heard something crash and glass shattering. It had fallen off of the wall. The floor in that room is ceramic so that explains all the shattering sounds I heard. It also broke the bottom of the frame.

I picked it up and stood it up in the window while I swept up glass. I don't go barefooted here, but sometimes my grandkids are here, and they are not good at leaving their shoes on, so I swept then ran the robotic vacuum, then mopped. I think I got it all.

Anyway, I guess the decision has been made for me. Now i will have to deal with it.

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