Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Monday Review

 In all honesty, I mostly piddled all day. I just couldn't focus for a long length of time on any one thing. I walked the dogs in the morning--we are up to a little over two miles a day--and then I gave the kitchen a good scrubbing, vacuumed, started to dust but lost interest in that.

I got the little cross stitch I bought last week reframed.

I turned it sideways and tried to center it as best I could. Remember how it looked before?
I do like it better now, but unfortunately, turning the frame means there is not a way to hang it.
By the way, notice on the left it says "made in USA". That makes me wonder how old it is. I'm thinking it was the 1960's since I saw that printed on plastic items.

Anyway, I think I can glue a picture hanger to the edge. Maybe with some E6000 or some such glue. I will probably have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby, but I was planning to go there anyway and see about getting a new frame for my flamingo cross stitch. Looks like this little $2 rose cross stitch is going to cost me a little more that I figured on too. Oh well.

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