Saturday, May 28, 2022


I was busy all morning with laundry—I changed the beds and dried the sheets and the comforter on the clothesline. Is there any better smell than sheets dried in the sunshine? So I got a late start on sewing, but I got the borders put on the top we made at the quilt guild workday:

It stills looks a little washed out in the picture; it’s a tad bit more vibrant in person. I also finished the Mario quilt.

Can you see the little Mario’s and Luigi’s?

Both quilts are the same pattern—one of the three-yard quilt patterns. It’s from the Pretty Darn Quick book. Both of these will be added to the quilt queue.

Nothing much else happening here. We went downtown for Mexican food and margaritas, and now we’re vegging on the couches with the dogs. 

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