Friday, May 13, 2022

Progress on Different Projects

My goal for today was to get another quilt of valor quilted so the lady doing the binding can pick up two of them when she comes tomorrow to drop off a top she needs quilted. She's really fast so I hated to just send one with her. The one I chose:
An eagle panel with solid colored accents. It's very dramatic, but I felt really indecisive about what design and thread color would complement all of this contrast. I finally decided to use a design that is a very unobtrusive swirl design and a medium gray thread that wouldn't be too stark against the black or the white.

I had loaded the quilt sideways, and once I got about half way done, I felt like I was happy with the choices. I really didn't want the design to detract from the eagle, and I could see that it was fine. I got it quilted and trimmed, so it is ready for the binding.

When we were antique shopping yesterday, I found this little cross stitch that was only a couple of dollars.

I like it, but I don't like how off center it is the frame. The crease down the middle bothers me too, but the work is lovely, and I like the aqua background. I looked at the way it was framed, and I think I have enough extra fabric to move it down a little.

In fact, I have already taken it out and soaked it a little soapy water, rinsed it, and it is drying now. I stretched it and pinned it to dry; if the crease is still there I will try ironing it. It was a good opportunity to give the little frame a good scrubbing too.

I worked in my flowers a little this morning too. My Angelonia is blooming:

Well, one out of six is blooming, but I am counting that as a win. My tomato plants still haven't bloomed. I know I planted late; I just hope it wasn't too late.

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