Saturday, February 18, 2023

I Almost Forgot

Actually I did forget. I signed up to do a block swap on one of the Facebook groups, and I did get the blocks made, but then I got busy with other stuff and forgot to mail them. I got these in the mail a few days ago:

I was pretty surprised as I had forgotten all about it. Luckily, mine were made and easy to locate so I was able to get them in the mail yesterday. I made two sets….one to mail, and one to keep.

They are supposed to be flowers. I will most likely appliqué yellow circles to the middles so they look a little more flower-like. Anyway, I wasn’t planning to do any more swaps, because for me, swap blocks equal more UFO’s, but these are so easy, and I couldn’t resist. I think I can also incorporate these into the RSC challenge. 

I also forgot to share some pictures of granddaughter’s confirmation.

It was a pretty big group. Here is K with her sponsor:

K and family:

And, just K:

This is what I spent my time and energy on:

Needless to say, there was plenty of food. I took chicken salad and pimento cheese to the neighbors, and I still have some left.

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