Friday, February 17, 2023

Lots of Activity

Happy Thursday! I have had lots of fun things to do this week; mostly crafty things, but still fun. Our quilt guild meets at the library one afternoon every other month to work on things to sell at our quilt show in September. This week we worked on some angel ornaments.

They were a little bit more labor intensive than I had expected, but we had about fifteen people there, so we worked assembly line style and got some finished. I'm not sure how many were done; I took this photo about half way through:

We also had our family fun night at church this week. It is usually games; either board games or dominoes or bunco, but last night we painted. You had a choice of things to paint. Here are some of the signs that were made.

I didn't get finished, but I got mine painted and got my bow made. I just need to hot glue it all together.

I will finish gluing it as soon as I get a chance and get it hung up in my shop. 

I am finishing up on the last few of the customer quilts and will get pictures posted soon. There are also three here that are finished and just need to be picked up. Any progress is good.

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