Sunday, February 12, 2023

Weekend Update

I have been really busy. There is a shop hop coming up in early March, and the Calhoun County quilt show is the last weekend of this month. I am trying to not take on more than I can comfortably do, but that is hard to calculate, so I am dealing with the deadlines. Here are three I quilted for the shop hop:

All are pretty quilts. The top on is a new line of fabric called Sun Washed, the second in a panel, and the third is the new American Jane line. It is made from a pattern called "Brick Layer", and uses an entire layer cake plus a little yardage. It is a pattern I would like to make myself.

These are for the Calhoun County show:

The second one is on the frame now.....the centers are men's ties surrounded by strips from men's shirts. The sashing is a batik.

Other than that, I am keeping myself occupied with non-sewing stuff. I finally got my back in good enough shape to go back to the gym, and my exercise class is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7am. I am still hoping to do yoga on Tuesday and Thursday, but that's how I hurt my back, so I'm not pushing it. I went to bingo on Wednesday night, and went to see some live music on Tuesday night. I am not used to being out after dark! LOL.

My granddaughter has confirmation today at 2pm, and we will go back to their house after for a reception. I offered to cater it, so I have been busy making salads.....tuna, chicken, pasta. The other grandmother is making a cake so dessert is taken care of. All of this means probably no sewing today either. 


  1. Don't overdo it!! I have a pinched nerve in my neck so I'm down for the count. Guess it's time to plan the garden! Your quilting is just beautiful.

  2. You really have been busy! Those quilts you quilted are beautiful. And you made salads for a reception! Your talk of exercise is making me want to get out and do something - too much sitting around lately.