Thursday, February 2, 2023

In My Dreams

I mostly don’t remember my dreams, and when I do, they are pretty vague. Occasionally, I have a really vivid dream, and last night I dreamed I had finished piecing my Two-Step quilt. I cut the borders a few days ago, and laid it all on my office chair last night so I would remember to work on it today, and I guess it was on my mind when I went to bed. I was pretty surprised, and a little confused, when I walked into the breakfast area this morning and saw this:

Yep, all folded up and just like I left it the night before. I will try to get it finished up later today.

In the meantime, I couldn’t find my 2023 quilt labels. I needed one so I could finish the binding on my January UFO, and they weren’t where I thought they were. I finally found them….I’d put them in the front seat of the car so I would remember to take them to my shop. My jacket was on top of them so they weren’t visible. 

I was able to remove some stitches from the binding and insert a label, then get it all topstitched down.

I’m so happy to have a finish for 2023. I had only a short piece of binding left over once I joined the ends.
And the best part is I used most of that purple piece, so there’s not much going back into my stash.

I think I will cut a 2-1/2 strip from this and throw whatever is left into the string bucket.


  1. What a pretty finish! Dreams usually leave me confused the rest of the day - lol! Where do you purchase your labels?

    1. Thanks Linda! I order the labels from an Etsy shop called LabelsFactory. I really like having them on hand so there is no excuse for not labelling my quilts.