Friday, February 24, 2023

Moving Along

Spring fever is still hanging around. I have had some brief spurts of productivity followed by intervals of not wanting to do much of anything. I did some work on the pinwheel border for my border quilt. I also decided I didn't like the way the previous border "turned the corner", 

and I snowballed the corners with more navy.

Just a small change, but I like it so much better. 

I found some large squares in my stash that I think were originally in a bunch of fabric I bought at the thrift store. There were nine of the 14" ones, and five 9" ones. I sewed the 14" ones into a top.

The sashing is some lavender that was left over backing from the keyhole quilt I did last month. I am trying to incorporate the 9" pieces into a border for the top and bottom to add to the length, and then I will add more of the lavender around the entire perimeter. It will be a basically no-cost charity quilt, and some more stuff is out of the stash. Win-win.

My February quilt goal was put on the frame, and I got the last row quilted yesterday!

I had a goal to get it trimmed and get the binding made, but that will have to wait for another day. Today I will go to Port Lavaca for their quilt show. It will put me a little behind on the quilts I need to get done, but I am really looking forward to getting out and about for the day. Maybe tomorrow I will have some nice pictures to share.

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