Sunday, February 19, 2023

Weekend Update

I have been working on a few things, but now it’s Sunday, and another week is winding down. I ironed a whole pile of scrap fabric yesterday in preparation of getting it cut down into usable pieces, but never got finished with it.
The pile is still on the end of the ironing table. I really need to deal with all of it. I did find a small stack of squares that I think I can work into a small quilt, but I forgot to take a picture. 

A few quilts did get finished this week. This one is super cute.

This was another one for the quilt show next weekend:
It is made with the half-hexi template I used for this one:
It’s always fascinating to me how fabric selection totally changes a quilt. I was really intrigued by Jimmy Lou’s backing fabric.
It’s a Moda fabric from the same line, but it is 60” wide. I didn’t know such a thing was available. 

This one was made by a customer for her boss who has breast cancer.
The best part? It is only the second quilt she has made, and it was so well done. When I got to the end, it was perfectly straight and square. Hahaha, my own quilts aren’t always square, and I’ve done lots and lots of them. I was quite impressed with her abilities. She said she worked really hard on it.

Other than that, the weather is crazy. It was in the thirties Thursday and Friday night, and it should get into the seventies today. I was cutting up some veggies for soup yesterday and cut the middle finger on my left hand pretty badly. I thought for a minute I would need to go and get a stitch, but I finally got the bleeding stopped. A few days earlier (when working on the hexi quilt), I managed to quilt through the pinky finger of my left hand. Lucky for me I didn’t get any blood on the quilt. The needle went through the skin beside the nail, and that is a tender spot. Needless to say, my left hand has taken a beating the last few days. I need to be more careful I think. 

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