Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Mid-Week Update

There’s not much to report….I think that’s a good thing. I made cinnamon rolls Monday morning. It was a long process because I made yeast dough and had to let it rise. I actually used my recipe for white bread and just rolled it out flat. I had a hard time keeping it flat, it kept sort of shrinking up or contracting after I rolled it out. I’m not sure how to fix that. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture. They were very good, and I figured I’d better get them out of the house pretty quickly. I’m sure my neighbors hope I will keep baking.

I’m still working on the APQ quilt along blocks. 

I made a few more of these uneven nine patches. I’m really not enjoying them. I made a decision—I need six of these E blocks and four of the F’s. I am going to flip-flop that and do four of the E’s and six of the F’s. I decided to go ahead and cut out the F’s, and now I’m frustrated.
It seems the measurements from the magazine are wrong. This on top of a couple of other blocks that I could see a more logical way to piece them. Luckily, none of the blocks are very complex, so I will keep plodding along and get through it. I’m the picture above, the green squares are the correct size, so it is easy enough to cut the pink and white ones down. Anyway, the blocks run for A through M so I’m not even halfway yet. Close, though.

This month’s block swap is underway, and I’ve been making more of the flower blocks.

This will likely be my last month of this one. I still need to appliqué some centers and need to work on that.

We had Bunco Monday night. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures when the game was going on—I was too busy rolling the dice. I did get a picture of the food line.

Everything we do involves food. LOL. I didn’t win, but it was fun. I think we had 40 people, plus four men who played dominoes. 

We had the leftover sandwiches for lunch Tuesday when we met to make comfort quilts. I was planning to make a salad for supper, but I had some chalupa shells left from last week and a can of refried beans in the pantry.

I think it still counts a salad since it has lettuce and tomatoes.😉


  1. Thanks for the warning about block F! I remember the last time I played Bunco. It was in 2012, and I was on a "substitute" list. I wasn't much of a player, but I always enjoyed going for the food - lol!
    My experience with yeast dough is to let the dough "rest" if it is pulling back like that. It seems to soften up after it sits a bit.

    1. Oh Linda, don't take my advice on the F block. i can't seem to get it to come out right! Thanks for the tip for the yeast dough. I am going to try another batch tomorrow.