Saturday, July 29, 2023


It's been a busy week around here--I have been working mostly on customer quilts. This is the latest one:

It's quilted with a silver-gray thread in the Surf design. Quite a few of my customers use panels, and although I typically don't, they sure do make some pretty quilts. I think I don't use them very much because I enjoy piecing so much. I also don't have good ideas about how to really showcase the panel the way this lady did.

I got the three table runners bound.

That was one of my weekly goals, and I like the way they turned out, so that's a win.

As soon as I have some free time on the quilting machine, I want to make a few more with matching placemats. I'm thinking about just quilting an entire yard of fabric, and then cutting the runner and mats from that. It's a vague plan at this time, but it shouldn't be hard.

Progress has also been made with scrap cutting. When I was at Target this week, I picked up some of these plastic boxes.

They are only $3.00, and work perfectly for 10" squares.
I haven't cut that many 10" squares, but I have almost filled up one of the smaller boxes with 5" squares, so it will be time soon to work on some charm square projects.
I would love to be done with this scrap trimming, but I don't think it ever really ends. 


  1. I do like panels, mostly for the backs, but this lady really showcased hers. I used a deer panel for the back of a quilt for my nephew, who loves to hunt, and I think he likes the back better than the front - lol! Those are nice containers for 10-inch squares!

    1. Good idea to use panels for the back--easy way to get a reversible quilt!