Monday, July 10, 2023

Weekend Update

 Maybe I’d better start with Friday. I did the shop hop/poker run. I went to Ganado first, then came back to the Victoria store. I really wasn’t in the mood to buy anything—although I did buy a yard of solid yellow. I was wanting to cut this table runner

and I have the jelly roll I want to use, as well as some green background, but I really wanted the light yellow like the pattern picture.

I met Betty for lunch and we drove to Yorktown for the final stop. I didn’t end up with a good poker hand. ☹️ I had two kings, a queen, a four and a two, so I’m not expecting to win. Unless I win for worst hand.

On Saturday I got my Summer Scrap Challenge together. 

The picture doesn’t really do injustice…..I really like it. Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone, so I added a couple of borders to it.
I’m quite pleased with it and anxious to get it quilted. 

I also got my table runner cut out, so that’s another goal checked off. I hope to get some done on it this week.

Is new project has been calling my name for a while, but I keep hoping to get other projects finished before I start something new. Since I got my Summer Scrap Challenge done, I have decided to go ahead and get started on the new one. It’s one of the quilts in this book:

There are actually quite a few quilts in this book that I would like to make, but this one is my favorite.
I spent Sunday afternoon cutting some 2” strips, so this one will be started soon. 


  1. Hey at least you had a pair of Kings! Your summer scrap quilt is really pretty, I like the border. I still haven't sent your fabric package, but don't give up on me yet! It's ready to go, and the post office is only a mile away, but we haven't left the house in quite awhile - lol! Have a great week. :)

    1. Oh, no rush. It's too hot to get out and go much of anywhere!