Monday, July 31, 2023

Weekend Update

Another hot one. I managed to get the grass cut, but it was so dry, I almost hated to cut it. I managed to stay indoors most of the time, which meant plenty of time for sewing (and cutting). The dogs have been begging to go outside and play ball.
Reba brought her ball in, and she keeps following me around with it hoping I’ll have a change of heart. 

I have cut more 5” squares. I filled one box and started another one.

I went ahead and cut some white 5” squares so I can start a new quilt with all these leftovers. While I was digging for scraps I could cut up, I found two fat quarter bundles I got from the clearance bin at JoAnn’s. They are quite pretty.
I found some Villa Rosa patterns that use 12 fat quarters, and ended up pulling two more aqua colored fqs from my stash. I found a yard of black I can use for the contrast color. Once I decide which pattern to use, I will get these cut up and kitted. There are some retreats coming up soon, and if I decide to go on one, I want to have some projects kitted up to take with me. Of course, I have two unfinished kits left from my cruise which I need to finish. 

I worked some more on the blocks someone gave me for a baby quilt. I have them redone so they are (mostly) the same size. I didn’t spend a lot of time on accuracy—just trying to make them useable. I got two rows together.
I hope to be finished with it soon.

The technician is coming today to work on my quilt machine. It’s not broken; just routine maintenance. I put a lot of hours on it in a year’s time, so I think it’s worth the investment of having someone go over it and do any needed adjustments. 


  1. Pretty fabrics from Joann's! I really like their fabrics and can't resist going there at least once a month. I need to have a tech come to look at my longarm, but she'll probably tell me to just bring it in. I can do that, but it's 55 miles away to McKinney, and that will mean two trips. The only good thing is shopping - there is so much more choice!

    1. I only stopped at Joann's for thread. Of course, I found other goodies like the fat quarter bundles!