Wednesday, July 12, 2023



There’s not much to report today. I spent the morning yesterday at church. We got 140 comforters packed up and ready to deliver. We still have more to tag and fold. I took a picture of one I wouldn’t mind making.

We get donated tops sometimes. We put an appropriate backing with them and tie them. This one was so striking. 

I had a lot of things I needed to work on after lunch, but I ended up driving down to the bay.

The beach is my happy place—the place I can go to de-stress. I only spent about an hour, and then I was ready to go home. I worked a little on trimming triangles.
I still have quite a few to do, but I got tired of it pretty quickly. I have started using the Clearly Perfect triangle trimmer, and it seems to be the easiest way to get these done.
If you haven’t tried these, i recommend them. I prefer them to bloc lok or the other tools.

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  1. How fun to spend some chillax time at the beach! That really is a pretty quilt. Thanks for the tip on the triangle trimmer.