Tuesday, July 25, 2023

To-Do-List Tuesday 7-25-23

If you look at my last week's to do list, my week wasn't very successful:

1) Trim and bind the July UFO quilt. Trimmed, but not bound.
2) Make a couple of potholders. I gave up on this one when a friend gifted me a whole stack of potholders she made. I still may try to finish the two I had cut out.

3) Two Water Color blocks.  Ughhhh....I can't seem to make any progress on this one. There are so many triangles and flying geese that need to be trimmed.
4) Keep working on Plan B quilt. Not much progress---although I did get quite a few of the 2" strips cut, and I need those to make this quilt.
5) Finish piecing the baby quilt someone gave me blocks for. Slight delay on this one, I started putting the blocks together and figured out they are not all the same size. I took apart the ones that are the most "off" and will need to remake them.
6) Finish piecing top with flower swap blocks. Another slight delay.....I started putting them together and found a couple that were sewn with about 1/16" seam allowances. I need to remake those blocks before proceeding.

Well, you can see that I had some issues and prework to deal with. And, of course there was vacation bible school and a day trip out of town, so I won't beat myself up for not getting anything finished. I'll just make a new list and try again this week.

1) Bind the three table runners I quilted.
2) Finish two pot holders. If I don't need them, I can donate them to the Sampler Store at the September quilt show.
3) Two Water Color Blocks. Yes, I want to keep trying to make some progress on this one.
4) Keep cutting up strips and squares for a couple of future quilt projects.
5) Finish piecing the baby quilt once I get the block sizes all the same.
6) Finish piecing top with flower swap blocks.
7) Bind July UFO quilt.

I hope everyone else had better luck than I did! I am linking this post to Quilt Schmilt. Enjoy your week and stay out of the heat!

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  1. You had “ one of those weeks” , didn’t you. Best wishes for a better one!