Saturday, July 22, 2023

What I'm Working On

I've been on a mission to trim up some of the leftover fabrics into useable sizes. The urge to do that kind of waxes and wanes around here, but when the mess starts taking over the cutting tables, it's time. The sizes I concentrate on depends somewhat on what I want to make. This time, I know I am going to need 2" and 1.5" strips for a couple of projects. 

The 1.5" strips are getting thrown into an empty cat food bucket.
Two inch and 2.5" are getting put into plastic bags. I am finding some bigger pieces of scraps that I can get a 10" or 5" square out of. I have quite a few patterns that use the 5" size, so I have cut a pretty good stack of those.

I got this book Tuesday from the library, and I found a couple of cute ones in here. They are super small, but with enough charm squares, they can definitely be made bigger. 
There are some really cute ones:
I really dislike how time consuming all this cutting is, but I really like having the precut components ready to use. I moved a cutting table into the big room where the quilt machine lives, so I can cut scraps while I am longarming. This one is on the frame right now:
I love the flip flops. I hope to get finished with it today and get it back to its owner. 

Thursday I took my stepdad to Lake Jackson. It was tiring, but otherwise not a bad trip. I managed to make a stop at Kroger's and at Luby's. We were back by around 6pm. I have to say I slept like a rock! LOL. 

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  1. Ugh on the necessary cutting - I need to do that too. Those are really cute charm pack quilts. The flip-flop quilt is adorable.