Friday, September 8, 2023

Free Pattern

like this one a lot.

I haven’t made any of the free patterns lately; I think I’ve been too busy with UFO’s. 

Today is a shop hop. It’s only three shops, and Janice and I are going. Maybe we’ll win something. 😉 That reminds me….Sarah drew a winner for this:

I didn’t win, but Janice did and she doesn’t want the Tutto tote. She is going to give it to me in exchange for some longarming. That will work out for both of us. 

More news: Reba’s shoulder injury is completely recovered.

She missed three days of ball playing and was having some serious withdrawal. You can see she started sleeping with the ball in her mouth. I finally decided the obsession was not healthy and put the ball away for a couple of days. I gave it back yesterday and we played for about thirty minutes. She never gets tired, but I do.

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