Monday, September 4, 2023

Labor Day


I am late today! It's okay--I've been busy sewing. Plus a laundry and house cleaning. The Healthplex is closed today, but after I sat around part of the morning, I made myself get up and get my clothes on so I could walk. I took Ruthie with me, and she's not the most high-energy of the group. I usually take Ryder or Reba, but Ryder was nowhere to be seen, and Reba is limping on her left front leg.
She was busy yesterday trying to jump our six-foot fence to catch a squirrel, and I'm pretty sure that's what caused the problem. I'm hoping to avoid a vet bill if possible, but if it doesn't get better, she will need an xray. Anyway, I walked 2.5 miles, and poor little Ruthie's tongue was hanging out. She has been laying around all day, but hey, that's what she mostly does anyway. I rode the spin bike for about 15 minutes after I got back and decided that was enough!

I posted this picture a couple of days ago.

I haven't been able to get it out of my mind, and I ended up starting on it Friday. I got out some strips, and of course, my boxes of charm squares. As of today, I have all twenty of the blocks done.
These blocks are so fast and so much fun to make. I need to work on a border, and then I will probably start another one.

I thought it would make a pretty good dent in the strips, but there are still a lot left.

Maybe enough for another quilt......

This is a picture of the one Betty made:

I really like her border.....the top is pretty wrinkled. I didn't bother to iron it before taking a picture. I will wait until I get ready to longarm it before I give it a good press. 

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