Thursday, September 7, 2023

Happy Thursday

I think I've been in a slump. I haven't been wanting to to do much of anything. I have blamed it on the heat, the new blood pressure medicine, age, you name it. Yesterday, I made myself get moving and get some things done. I finished the quilting on two customer quilts and got them trimmed and photographed.

These will get delivered Friday when I go to Yorktown for the shop hop. I also (finally) finished the binding on two other customer quilts.

I really put this off for too long, but now it's done. I have two more to quilt and bind for the same lady and I hope to get one loaded today. 

I started sewing this one together:

I'm still not quite finished, and it will still need a border of some type. I like the one Betty did on her version, but I can't quite decide if I want to put that much effort into it. I want to start another one with some pioneer woman fabrics I have. I think I have 4 or 5 fat quarter bundles that I never used, and this would be a good project for them.

Other than that, volleyball has started.

My girl is #2. They lost one game on Friday; everything else has been a win, so it looks like a good season. I noticed there are a lot of out-of-town games, so I will be missing out on those unless they are close. I know grandson has started soccer practice, but I haven't been notified of any games yet. Those are played outdoors, and I don't know how enjoyable that will be. There hasn't been any relief from this awful heat. 


  1. I know exactly what you mean. This is indeed the doldrums of summer and I'm feeling miserable also, had the flu or something 2 weeks ago and have been slow to recover, mentally and physically. Not much sewing, which is the worst part. Hope you feel sorted soon.

    1. Thank you Anne, and I hope you are feeling well enough to sew soon.