Monday, September 11, 2023

Weekend Update

It was a good weekend! I didn’t get much housework done, but I did some yard work, and a whole bunch of sewing. Janice and I did the shop hop on Friday, and since there were only three stores, we were easily able to do it in one day.
I was making a pretty good effort to limit my spending. I bought a couple of panels, a layer cake, and a jelly roll. There was so much inspiration at each shop.

On Saturday morning, there was a plant sale at the airport sponsored by the Victoria master gardeners, and I did a little shopping and bought a night blooming cereus in a hanging basket. The master gardeners said it can withstand temperatures above 100 degrees, so we’ll see. 

I sewed the rest of the day, and got these two assembled:

The first one will get a border; the second one will not. I will get to the border when I get a chance. I wanted to get these two done before I cut into my new jelly roll. I settled on a Villa Rosa pattern called Birthday Cake.

I got it finished Sunday, and I like it, but I think it needs a border also. 
I don’t think the picture does it justice. The fabric is really pretty. After I finished putting it together, I started working with the layer cake. I picked a pattern called Brick Layer
I didn’t get very far before I got tired. It’s okay though; I’ve done enough for one weekend. I need to review my to-do list and see what is still needing to be done.


  1. You've been so productive and with very pretty results! Good luck with the night bloomer, sounds interesting.

    1. I was due for some productivity--I've been slacking for a little bit!

  2. Oooh, you got the Maureen McCormick fabric!! I love it!! I got the fat quarter pack, and that quilt is waiting to be quilted. I also have a charm pack for something special. Enjoy!!

    1. Yes, and it is so pretty! It reminds me of vintage sheets! I wish you lived closer--I would love to quilt it for you.