Friday, September 1, 2023

Three Done

I had three customer quilts that needed to be trimmed and returned. I'm happy to say that as of yesterday, they have all been picked up.

A farm back on this one:

The front is chickens with chicken wire sashing.

I'm glad to get them over and I can start on the next batch. 

One of the ladies brought me a copy of a pattern she recently made--she knows I work with scrap strips and 5" squares a lot: 

It's from a 2015 issue of Quilts and More, and yes, I do want to make it. I am going to try and resist the urge to start yet another quilt until I get a little more progress made on the ones I have going. 

I have another quilt on the frame as I am typing this post, and one in the sewing room waiting for me to complete the binding. I would say I need a few more hours in the day, but I don't think I would really have the energy to work more hours so I'll just do what I can.


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