Sunday, March 24, 2024

New Orleans

Happy Sunday! I am in New Orleans with my granddaughter for a volleyball tournament. I will be back home tonight to draw the winners for the blog hop. 

These girls are good, and I mean all the players on every team I have seen. Kathryn’s team got first in their wave Friday. They won all three matches.

They didn’t play again until yesterday afternoon so we spent the morning in the French quarter. Kat wanted beignets for breakfast. We walked about a mile to Cafe Du Monde. I figured I could burn them off with the walking.

Look at that smile! I got cafe au lait with mine. I thought I was ordering one, but there are three beignets in one order, so…….

It was a beautiful spring day. The azaleas are blooming in Jackson Square, and lots of people were out walking and enjoying the weather. 

Then, Kathryn’s team played at 3:00, 6:00, and 8:00. They beat Rosenberg and lost to Atlanta and New Orleans. Disappointing, but when you put it into perspective, those are big cities compared to  Victoria and the smaller surrounding towns that make up Kathryn’s club.  One thing I will say: I forgot what it’s like to share a room with a teenager.

Shoes and dirty clothes everywhere. 

I will be back tomorrow to announce the blog hop winners!

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