Saturday, March 16, 2024

Worldwide Quilting Day

What’s the purpose of Worldwide Quilting Day? Apparently, it started as National Quilting Day. Here’s what my local PBS station says:

Every third Saturday of March is a day to celebrate the rich tradition of quiltmaking. The Quilt Alliance and the National Quilt Museum recall the origins of this day: a "Quilter's Day Out" organized by the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society in 1989. The day for local quilters to show their makes and share the love of the craft was a success. Participating quilters elected to make it a national event thereafter. The first National Quilting Day was observed in 1992. So get your quilts out and display them with pride this Saturday! And remember, keep on quilting. 

The Fat Quarter Shop has 10 free patterns to help celebrate. Oh, I love that Sewcialites 2 one. It’s been on my list to make since I quilted one for a customer. 

For now, I will continue to work on my Process Flow quilt. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for my post on the Villa Rosa Blog Hop. There are some really cool giveaways plus lots of eye candy! See you tomorrow.