Saturday, March 2, 2024

Nothing But Sleep

I can honestly say not much has gotten done in my little corner of the world. No progress on work stuff or on personal projects. I got sick last week and didn't have the energy to do anything. I did a Covid test last weekend after I noticed I couldn't smell the coffee I had just made, and the test was positive. I never really felt bad other than a little upper respiratory congestion--but I have been absolutely drained of energy. I quarantined at home for the recommended five days, mostly just sleeping and watching tv. 

I'm back at work in my shop as of Thursday, but I can't last all day. I just do what I can do, and then go back home......and back to bed. I have been trying to get caught up on Gloria's memory quilt. I had wanted to get it done and out the door before I got sick.

As of yesterday, I got it all sewn together and got the borders put on. I need to piece a backing out of it with a Houston's Texans fleece blanket in the middle. It still needs quilting and binding.

Oh, here's some news. I think the orange kitty at my shop is a pregnant female.

The stomach is getting bigger and bigger. She is still pretty wild and won't get inside a box or a kennel, so I tried to make her a little shelter to at least keep the rain off. 

So far, she's not impressed with my efforts. 


  1. Hope you get all your strength back soon! What a beautiful kitty. Female gingers are fairly rare. If I was around I'd probably try to adopt her, much to my husband's dismay. ;) I'm glad you are helping shelter her.

    1. Oh, I so wish you could adopt her. She's a pretty kitty, but my dogs are not cat-friendly so she can't go home with me. It's just as well, I can't catch her anyway.