Monday, March 11, 2024

Time Change and Another Squirrel


This is so true! Of course, I’m now mentally in the habit at looking at the time on the car clock and automatically subtracting an hour. Haha, it’s always something. I used to really look forward to daylight saving time because I wanted the extra hour of daylight in the evening. That was when I did more gardening and yard work. I’m over all of that now and just want my regular bedtime to stay the same. Last night at bedtime (10 pm for me), I wasn’t sleepy yet and ended up staying up another hour. I went down a rabbit hole with YouTube videos. I was actually looking for a crocheted shawl pattern, but I found this cute bunny. 

I didn’t have time to finish it, but I got one side made.

I think I messed up on the increases on the back side. I haven’t cut the thread yet; I will probably rip it out and redo it. Otherwise, the back and front most likely won’t match. 

I also found this cute pattern for bunny peeps.

I want to try it also. I am going to try and remember to stop and get some polyfil today. I thought I had a bag of it in the guest room closet, but I’m not finding it in there. I may have given it to one of the kids. 

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  1. Ah those bunnies are so cute! I tried to crochet last night, and I get so distracted by either the cats or the TV or comments from Hubs. I used to crochet at lunch when I worked. Now how did I do that when I was surrounded by people? A younger mind maybe. ;)