Saturday, March 30, 2024

Two Big Quilts

I finally got the binding finished on Gloria’s memory quilt. I love the way it turned out. 

She had brought all of his clothing and I removed the name patch from a pair of his work coveralls and stitched it to the bottom corner. I used a fleece Texans blanket on the middle of the back. 
It was a little tricky, but I’m happy with it, and I really hope she will be too. It’s a large queen, around 92” x 93”. She should be picking it up today.

I was asked to quilt the raffle quilt for our WELCA group at church. It’s even a little bigger than the memory quilt.

Here’s a closeup of the quilting:

I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s not pieced; it’s a printed panel, aka a cheater print. One of the other ladies is going to bind it, so my part is finished.

Someone showed this quilt at our guild meeting Thursday:

She said she found the pattern on YouTube at Tiffany’s Quilting Life. I like it a lot. This one is going on my list of projects I want to make. I think I will try it with a colored background. 

Tomorrow is Easter, and I need to finish the grandkid’s Easter baskets. I’ll get it done in time. I’m looking forward to church service and then dinner with the family. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


  1. The t-shirt quilt turned out spectacular! I like that the blanket is part of the backing. Your quilting is really beautiful - no wonder you're busy all the time! Happy Easter - will you eat out or are you cooking?

    1. Thank you and Happy Easter to you too! My mom has a ham and I am going to make some deviled eggs and some potato salad. I'm not sure what else we'll have.

    2. You've got to have a Jello salad with that - lol!