Saturday, May 4, 2024

What I’ve Been Working On

It’s been a busy week here. The weather has been gloomy; just enough light rain to keep the car looking dirty. I was able to get a couple of quilts finished. Quilting and binding done on this one

This is one made by a customer’s mother. She brought the extra fabric for the borders. It was a full size quilt, but I added the borders to make it a queen.

The fabrics look to be from the 1950’s. This one looks like a dress my grandmother had

I put light blue on the back. 
I finished the quilting, but I still need to trim it and bind it. I worked on some heart ornaments.

They are made from some the shirt fabric left over from the last memory quilt I made. She wants eight of the hearts; I only got two done, but it’s a start. 

I’m still tired in the evenings, but I try to do a little yard work or housework or laundry each day. Then I sit down and crochet or embroider. Even if I just crochet a couple of rows, I feel like I’m getting something done. 


  1. Lots of rain and storms going on all over Texas. And in a couple months we will be begging for it, right? Do you watch TV while you stitch in the evenings?

    1. I hope we don’t have the droughts this summer. Sometimes I watch TV, but there is not much on that interests me. I have a smart TV, so I can watch YouTube videos or listen to podcasts.