Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Abstract Pinwheel Baby Quilt

I actually found this quilt while I was searching for something else, but it definitely caught my attention. With all the scrap cutting I have been doing lately, I am all about the 2-1/2" squares.

There is also lot of white background, but that could be changed to a soft gray or something. What colors are the new moms into now? I made several baby quilts a few years ago, and gray and navy was popular as well as navy and aqua. I really think I would just do what I wanted and hope it would be liked and used. Anyway, the pattern is here. The quilt is around 40” square, but I think I would be tempted to use a wider border, but that’s just me—I like a little wider border.


  1. Oh I like that pattern! Thanks for the link. Yes a wider border would look better. If you figure out what colors new moms into now, please pass it along - lol!

  2. I'm going to share your link to this pattern on my next To Do Tuesday post, if that is OK with you! I will give you credit for causing another squirrel in my life - lol!

    1. Yes, for sure it is okay with me if you share it.