Friday, November 4, 2022

This and That

I was so scattered Thursday—I get like that some times, and then I am not too productive. I worked on several things but didn’t actually finish any. I got a quilt trimmed and got a new one loaded. 

It’s the same fabrics as the last one….only bigger squares this time. The last one was 5” squares.

I ordered a sewing machine cover from Amazon for my Singer 403. The price was right, but the fit is not good. You can see it won’t go over the machine bed.

I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday looking for cotton crochet yarn and found some fabric on clearance for $3/yard. I bought some to see if I can make a sewing machine cover like the one from Amazon, only bigger.

I even have some green dot I can use for the binding.

And, I had some clear vinyl squirreled away that I can use for the front pocket. This is as far as I got with that project.

I stuck a phone book page under the vinyl to keep it from sticking to the machine bed. Oh, I also cut the fabric pieces and ironed some interfacing to them, so the day wasn’t a total loss. I had leftovers from yesterday’s supper so I didn’t have to cook. This morning I will be on the way to Houston after I drop the dogs at the kennel. I really hate to leave them, but no choice this time.

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