Monday, November 7, 2022

Quilt Festival Part 3

I have so many pictures…..I am trying to choose the best, but all the quilts were just amazing. Here are some that were not so modern.

There was a whole display of these star quilts:

They were done by different quilters, all from Washington, but I’m not sure if they were part of some guild or group or what.

This one was hand quilted. Here is a detail shot of the quilting.

It was just amazing.

I got a couple of shots of this one.

I have plans to make this….actually, I have had the plan for a while….I already bought the red solid. My squares won’t be so small, though.

We didn’t go to the show Saturday until after lunch. The Aggies were playing so we stayed at the hotel until halftime to watch the game. I occupied myself with crocheting and finished two crosses and a dish cloth.

Have a good Monday wherever you are reading this!

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