Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Prairie Flowers

First of all, thank you so much for your kind comments….I am not able to respond to each one at this time, but I so appreciate it. I also appreciate any and all prayers.  That is what is getting me through the last few days.

I am still not doing any sewing but thought maybe I could take some pictures of a finished quilt and make a blog post about it. I had gotten this one quilted around the 15th, I think and gotten the binding strips cut and sewn together. Of course, Bill went into the hospital on Wednesday afternoon (the 16th), and I got it into my head that I wanted to get the binding finished so he could have it on his hospital bed. I knew they wouldn’t let him have it in ICU, but maybe when he got into a regular room……anyway, I went to my shop Thursday night and got the binding put on and stitched down.

When I quilt a quilt, whether my own or someone else’s, I pray. There are lots of prayers quilted into the quilts I make, and I was determined he would have it on his bed. Well, he never got out of intensive care, and when I got back to town Thursday evening (the 24th), it was still in the back of the car. My daughter was helping me unload the car and brought it in and, and I put it on my bed.

I make a lot of double bed size quilts, even though I have a queen bed. The reason——I like the weight of a quilt, and Bill didn’t, so I made them wide enough to only cover me. This one is currently turned sideways since I am the only one sleeping under it. I really do like it. Here’s a better shot of the border and binding:

I actually chose the binding to not only coordinate with the cornerstones on the front, but also the backing.

You never really know what will be too painful, or what will bring you comfort. So far, I am happy having it on my bed. This was one of the free tutorials from Missouri Star and used a layer cake plus yardage. I quilted it with a pattern called three leaf clover in Glide white.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. You remain in my prayers for God's comfort and peace. I too pray while making quilts. I don't know who will receive the charity quilts, but I pray God will reach that dear one through whatever they are facing.
    Your quilt is lovely, how nice to have it on your bed at this time.

  2. The floral border is a real winner. The apricot/citrus print binding on the bias compliments it beautifully. I especially find the floral print for the back eye catching. Nice surprise. A real keeper for sure.

  3. So sorry to here about your husband. I lost my husband last year after a 24 month period where we no there was no recovery possible, I cannot how hard his passing this quickly was.
    Judy M

  4. Carolyn what a beautiful precious quilt, and the hope and prayers you put into it will not be in vain, especially if it brings you comfort. I am praying for you and your family.