Thursday, November 17, 2022

What I've Been Working On

I showed a picture a few days ago of all the binding I had made.....

I have really been working to get it all put on the quilts and get them totally done.

It's not too bad if I can get in a rhythm and get some uninterrupted time at the sewing machine. I got the binding on all three of the ones I quilted last week.

These two are the same fabrics and the same binding. I think this makes four or possibly five I have done for this lady using this same fabric. 

She loves a striped binding cut on the bias. I can't say I blame her; I like it too. She also likes the quilts pretty densely quilted. 

I also got my Prairie Flowers quilt off the frame and got the binding cut for it. I still need to trim it which may happen tomorrow. I am playing things by ear for now. I took Bill to Urgent Care in the morning morning and he got some shots (steroids, antibiotics) and got some lab work done. Depending on what we hear about the lab results we may have to go back or possibly I will need to pick up more medications for him. I am relieved to finally get him into a clinic and get some  antibiotics into him. I think it is going to help immensely. I am hoping so--I hate to see him so sick. It's really cold and dreary here. I plan to spend the evening on the couch working on my cross stitch. 

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