Monday, May 15, 2023

A New Week


It was a good weekend. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but a few projects were finished, or a least progress was made. Saturday, I got three quilts trimmed. I only got pictures of two of them.

This one is made from some panel squares. I used a new quilt pattern called “Songbird”. 

The thread is Glide light turquoise. The other is the batik stars I showed a few days ago. 

I used the “Quicksilver” pattern and a dark cream Innovatech thread. I like the way it turned out. 

My friend Betty came by Saturday to drop off some charity tops, and we went to Ramsey’s for a “quick” lunch. We both ordered chicken fried steak which comes with baked potato and salad bar. After we each ate a plate of salad, neither of us could eat the rest of the meal. Oh well, I brought my leftovers home and will eat them tonight or tomorrow. Yesterday at Olive Garden I got the soup and salad. I never get tired of salad. You would think I would be skinny, but nope. Probably because I like everything else too. 

I had a nice Mother’s Day. After church, I met my mom and my daughter and her family for lunch. We had a little wait to get seated, but we all visited, so it was still fun. After I got home, I sewed for a few hours. I finally got the Planters quilt put together.

I actually ironed it but you sure wouldn’t know it from this picture. I will take it to the shop tomorrow and iron it again, and put the border on. Then it can go in the stash of tops to be quilted. I ended up with tucks in some of the rows when I sewed them together. I will most likely fix those too. I don’t think I can stand to leave them as is. 

The rest of the evening I spent with my feet up working on some cross stitching. That’s about all I felt like doing, but I will need to get it in gear today. I have some appointments, and I’m supposed to meet a friend to see a movie. 

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