Tuesday, May 9, 2023

To-Do-List Tuesday 5-9-23

Happy Tuesday friends. How did it get here so soon? I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped…..the cardiologist put me on a new blood pressure medication, and I am really low energy right now. Hopefully this side effect will wear off, but for now, I’m super tired. Here’s what I got done.

1) More key fobs! I have 17 done and I need 32 total. Hmmm, I think I got 9 or 10 done. I have more ready to stitch, so the end is in sight.

2) APQ quilt along. I really don’t want to let this one drop since I have so many of the blocks made. I’m making slow and steady progress on this one. I try to cut a few blocks each morning before I leave the house, then I can get some stitching done in the evening if I’m not too tired.

3) Clean off my dining room table. I don’t know why I am putting this on my sewing list other than I have let mail and miscellaneous junk pile up, and it needs to be dealt with before it makes me crazy. Nope. I started, but it’s not nearly where it needs to be.
4) Temperature quilt. I only have January done, so any more will be welcome progress. I had actually forgotten about it until I unearthed some of the solid fabrics in the sewing room. I worked on it, but no pictures yet.
5) Work on cutting out cruise quilt. No
6) Get Planters quilt put together Also no.

What’s on the agenda for this week? I need to continue working on the same things as last week. So many of these are nearing completion.

1) Key fobs. I need to keep moving on this one.
2) Cut out cruise quilt. 
3) APQ blocks.
4) Temperature quilt.
5) Clean off the dining room table.
6) Planters quilt.

I’m probably being optimistic, but I’ll see how it goes with the medication stuff. Any progress is good. I’m linking this post to Quilt Schmilt.


  1. It’s all about the progress. Take care of yourself and don’t overdo. Hopefully the meds will become less of an issue!

    1. Thank you, and yes, I hope the issues resolve themselves.

  2. Carolyn I think you did great with your list considering you are dealing with a med change. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Hope this week went as well and you are adjusting to the meds.