Monday, May 29, 2023

Memorial Day


I don’t have much planned for today….I am caught up for now on Quilts of Valor presentations. In fact, I haven’t been sent any requests this year. I am planning to meet up with friends later for lunch and a movie, so that will be fun.

I worked yesterday afternoon on the donation quilts I had cut out on Saturday. I made pretty good progress.

Well, I have to admit they weren’t really challenging, so it didn’t take but a few hours once the cutting was done. The USA print is directional, and I sewed two of the panels upside down and had to do some ripping and re-sewing. That was one small delay. I hope to get the borders put on these this week. I wish I would have bought a couple more yards of the focus fabric for pillowcases. I may go back to Walmart in a couple of days (payday) and see if I can get some. 


  1. Those are cute quilts. I sewed a directional print the wrong way in an HST yesterday and decided I didn't care. But obviously it's still bothering me - lol! Enjoy your lunch and movie!