Monday, May 22, 2023

Weekend Update

I already blogged a bit about Saturday’s activities; the weather was better on Sunday—just a light shower while I was in church, and then it cleared up. I had some red, white, and blue silk flowers that I wanted to take to the cemetery before Memorial Day, so I made a trip to Port Lavaca after church. I don’t know why I don’t go more often….it’s a straight shot….about 30 miles, and 75 mph speed limit. 

I wanted some lunch and was trying to decide between Mexico Tipico and El Patio. Guess which one won? 

My childhood favorite. Haha. I still love the hot sauce.

It still tastes exactly the same. It’s hard not to fill up on chips and salsa before the meal comes. The lunch special was beef fajitas asada for $12.00. Pretty cheap, and it’s a lot.
I couldn’t eat it all, but I ate more than enough. 

I drove by the bay before I went to the cemetery, and then I headed back to Victoria.

Today I plan to drive to Corpus and stop at Joann fabrics and Macy’s. 

I found a box of precuts in the sewing room closet last night.

When I buy charm packs, I buy two or more. I learned from experience that you can’t do much with one, unless you make something small like a table runner or bag. I spent some time last night thinking about these and I think I have a plan for them. Stay tuned for that….I just need to find some time.

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  1. That Mexican lunch looks yummy. I usually do fill up on chips and salsa, and a margarita. ;) Yep you are right about charm packs, no reason to buy just one. Those look pretty!