Sunday, August 1, 2021

Busy Day

 I wasn't able to finish the top I was working on,

but I did get the inner borders done, and I am happy I went with the brown. Even though the solid is not what I may have used under ordinary circumstances, it worked out great as far as the purpose of an inner border, which in my mind is to be a small separation from the business of the top and the outer border. 

I am trying to proceed carefully instead of the way I usually do things to make sure I will have enough of the outer border fabric. I felt like I was lucky to find it, but I couldn't get a lot so I'll have to measure twice and cut once.

I walked two miles in the morning with the dogs. I try to go early so it's not so hot, but I didn't get started until around 8:45, and it was really humid. In fact it rained about an hour after I got back. Bill had the yard almost done when I got back from walking, so instead of helping him, I cleaned the bathrooms and did laundry. And of course, vacuuming. With the dogs, vacuuming happens almost daily. In the afternoon we went to the SPCA fundraiser. It was a fashion show, with clothes modeled by some of the area high school students. Two of my co-workers were there (Chris and Oliver) as they had daughters who were modeling.

As usual, they had dogs available for adoption. I thought this little white terrier was adorable, but we are about maxed out for now. There is a limit to everything, even dogs. 

We went to the Mosquito festival in Clute around 6pm. We had never been, and this will most likely be the last year that I am in this area, and I really wanted to check it out. Oh my, it was not what I expected. There was inadequate parking, and we had to park on a neighborhood street which was a pretty good hike to the entrance gate. There were supposed to vendors, and I was envisioning something like market days, but it was rows of tables of people selling cell phone plans or those solar things for the roof, of whatever the latest gimmicky thing is. There was supposed to be live music, so we walked over there, and there was no one on stage and you had to have brought your own chair. Which we didn't. I also thought there would be food trucks, and I did see two trucks with funnel cakes, but other than that, it was only the food associated with the carnival. It was muddy from all the rain, it was so humid I was sweating, and we were tired from all the walking, so we decided to leave. Since we were in Clute, we went over to El Toro and got supper and watermelon margaritas. That was definitely the better choice.

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