Friday, August 6, 2021

Crazier Eights

I finally got to try my crazier 8's templates, and I am having so much fun with them.
I sorted the layer cake into sets of five; I had to add three 10" squares to get a number divisible by five. The other option would have been to take two squares out of the stack, but I knew I wanted to end up with 42 squares. 
You can see the templates fit on the 10" squares with not a lot of waste, which makes me happy.
Once they were cut, I left the A stack as it was, and then moved the top piece from the B stack and put it on the bottom of the B's. Then on the C stack, I removed the top two pieces and put them on the bottom of the C stack, and so on. So if I started with this
I ended up with this
You sew each layer together with the five different prints in it. It is turning out so cute! I am really enjoying this one. I sewed until 9pm last night which is more than I usually do. I am already thinking about sashing. I have a jelly roll of the 1930's green that I would like to use. 

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