Monday, August 30, 2021

Weekend Update

I didn't do a lot. I wasn't sleeping well Friday night or Saturday night, so I was tired all weekend. I did sit with my ipad and look at Youtube videos and Facebook lives a lot. In fact, I watched Facebook lives from several different quilt shops and ended up ordering some patterns and kits. I got two different tote bag patterns plus a kit, and a pattern and some kits for the June Tailor project bags. Here's a picture of one of the totes.

The good thing about the kits is that they come will all the needed supplies, so I won't have to figure out where I can get all the needed stabilizers. I don't have a fabric shop nearby. Just a quilt shop and a Hobby Lobby, so I am sometimes limited on what I can get. Once I can see and feel the recommended stabilizers, I can figure out if something more available can be substituted. 

I also looked at Scrap Vortex quilts on Instragram, and I spent some time putting together scrap blocks. I would like to get back to working on those, but there is so little free time, and with my current work project, it won't get any better for another month or two. 

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