Friday, August 20, 2021

Gift Sewing

I just realized the year is two-thirds over. It's time for me to start thinking about what I want to sew for Christmas gifts. I have always thought handmade gifts are so much more personal than something mass produced. Of course, sometimes our kids ask for certain things, and we will get whatever they ask for (within reason, but they are always reasonable!). I do like to give them something I made as well, but by now, I have run out of ideas. Except for dishcloths. LOL. Everybody gets dishcloths.

I found some adorable free patterns on the Clover and Violet website. Stuff I would like to make for myself. Look at this cute little purse!

Pattern is here

Here's a key fob I like also.

Key Fob pattern is here.

I found the hardware on Amazon. You can get 15 of the key fob hardware pieces for less than $20. These would be nice little gifts for people like my hairdresser, or the admin at our office, and it doesn't look like it takes very long to make.

I really like things like these that I can carry around my wrist. That is what attracts me to these two patterns. I never have enough hands. Well, I have two like everyone else, but I usually have a dog lead in one and a cell phone in the other. Or something like that. 

By the way, that website has some really cute baby gifts. I just don't need any of those right now. 

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