Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Lost and Found

Last year, around the fourth quarter of the year, I bought a kit from the quilt shop. Here's a picture.

I liked it so much. Alan bought one too and we were going to work on them together during the holidays, but I lost mine. I think when I was cleaning up the house in preparation for Thanksgiving, it got stuck somewhere. Alan offered to give me his kit, but then he couldn't find his either. 

I have looked and looked. Every time I think of a place I could have put it, I go look and it's not there. The thing is, I like it so much I couldn't give up on it. I repurchased the pattern. That was the easy part.

I think I actually bought the replacement pattern during the shop hop in April. I asked the quilt shop if they had any more kits or fabric, and they didn't. Karen said they had sold all of them within a few days of putting them out. 

Today, I finally decided since I can't get that quilt out of my mind, I needed to find some fabric that would work. I knew it was a digital print, so maybe I could search and find something comparable. It was my lucky day because I found the same fabric. I ordered two yards, and now I just have to wait for it to get here. 

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