Monday, August 2, 2021

Fabric Basket

I got the outer border put on the quilt I was trying to finish, but it started raining in the afternoon and was so wet I couldn't get outside for a picture. I may be able to do it today. Once I got that finish, I needed a little UFO break, and I got this done.

It's a little basket from a quilted placemat. I think the placemat was around $4, and that was the only cost of the whole project. I used this youtube tutorial, but I changed the dimension of the boxed bottom so the bottom would be bigger and the sides not so high. One side is ~8", the other is ~6".
I played with the measurement for boxing the bottom a little. The measurement in the tutorial was 4-1/4", and I tried 5" and didn't think it was enough, so I increased it by about 1/4".
I think this picture shows where where I took a little deeper seam. I haven't trimmed the corners off and serged them yet. I would also like to cut a piece of cardboard or card stock for the bottom to give it just a little more structure. All in all, it was really fast. 

I weighed myself this morning and have lost another pound. I was hoping for more, but it's okay. I will just have to keep trying. 

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