Thursday, August 12, 2021

Moving Along

I got a few rows together last night and took this picture.
I got another row put on before I went to bed, and got most of row 4 assembled.

I am already thinking of other layer cakes I can cut up to make another one. I probably need to see about getting this one done before I start another. A friend sent me a picture of crazy-style quilt with a braid border, and oh my, it looked good. 

This is the picture she sent me. I used the whole layer cake, so I don't know what I could use for the border, but it sure has gotten me to thinking about the next one. 

I walked this morning and didn't take the dogs. I could tell they were disappointed, but I just didn't want to fool with them this time. I can walk two miles in 35 minutes without them, and it takes more like 45 minutes when they are with me. There's a lot of stopping to sniff or to potty. I did feel guilty about it and will take them tomorrow, but I had a shorter of window of time this morning. That's how I justified it to myself. 

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