Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Airing of the Quilts Part 1

These quilts were displayed last week in Cuero, Texas, at the Chisolm Trail Museum. I know I can't fit all of them in one blog post, so I titled it Part 1. There will likely be two or three more posts. The quilts are antique (or at least vintage--I think there were a couple of 1950 and 1960 era ones).

I tried to get a picture of the paper that was pinned to each as some of the stories were quite interesting. I failed to get a picture of the paper pinned to this first one, but it was a signature quilt from the late 1930's.

This next one had no provenance; it is a very humble utility quilt. I was glad they included this type in the display as they certainly have their place in quilt history.

The next one is a tied (or tacked) quilt that has been laundered quite a bit. You can see how the batting has shifted

Another utility quilt with no provenance:

I made some of the pictures smaller so I can try to get all of these into just a few more posts. You can click on them to blow them up.

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