Saturday, October 15, 2022

Happy Saturday


It seemed like the weekend sure took its time getting here! I sat in the vet's office all morning yesterday with a sick dog. When I called, they said come in and they would work me in as they could.

Look at this sick doggie....the final diagnosis was gastroenteritis. In other words, she most likely found something nasty in the yard and ate it. She got some shots, and I got some stuff to give her by mouth for the next week. 

I have done a lot of quilting and binding for customers this week (more to do today), and I sewed a little on my own projects. I bought a Kaffe design roll and had been trying to figure out what I should do with it.
I had some half-baked idea of sewing black strips to each side and rotating them, but then I realized that would look like the woven pattern that I have done several times before. I finally decided to just add the black to one side, and then I can see what pattern I can come up with by rotating the pieces.

I truly love these bright colors. I haven't quite figured out how wide to cut the pieces. I think four inches will work. I will only cut a few until I can get something figured out. 

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