Friday, October 28, 2022

Update on Quilt Guild

We had our quilt guild meeting yesterday, and the ladies from Joseph's Warriors were there to pick up quilts and pillowcases. Most of the charity sewing I have done this year has been for Joseph's Warriors and Midcoast Family Services. Of course, I have done a few for Quilts of Valor, but those are more sporadic. I found two more quilts at my shop that I had forgotten to take to the guild, and got busy Wednesday and made pillowcases to go with them. 

I had enough leftover fabric from the quilts to make the cuff and the flange for each case, and I have a bolt of the solid yellow I used for the main part. I realize the solid yellow is obnoxiously bright with the second one, but it is what I had here. Here is a link to Joseph's Warriors if you want to read more about their organization.

One of the ladies is coming back in January to do a workshop on adding borders to a quilt. She brought a sample along, and I am pretty anxious to do the workshop.

I really like medallion-style quilts, so I will definitely enjoy this one. I have already signed up and paid the instructor's fee. It was $25.00 so that is a pretty good deal. Of course, we will furnish our own fabric, but somehow I don't think that will be a problem.


  1. I keep waiting for a class I want to take at my LQS but so far nothing appeals to me. I'd love that borders class.

  2. My LQS no longer offers classes, but my guild has a few each year. I look forward to them.