Monday, October 31, 2022


Another month gone.... and I forgot to publish this post this morning! Hmmm, wonder what else I have forgotten to do today? 

We had a potluck at church yesterday. Any month that has five Sundays, we do a potluck on the 5th Sunday. I think it's a cool idea. Of course, I never know what to take to stuff like that. I played it safe and made potato salad.

I try to make stuff Bill and I don't mind eating for a few days in case there is bunches left over. It was also Reformation Sunday and we were reminded to wear red. That always confuses me as I don't seem to have anything red to wear other than tee shirts, even though it's my favorite color. I had ordered a shirt from one of the Facebook ads (note to self: don't do that again). What I got was straight from China and crazy looking.

It's a super bright orangey red. I was going to send it back, but of course, there wasn't a return label or any paperwork of any kind, so......I put it on with some black slacks and called it good. I'm sure everyone could see me coming! 

Happy Halloween peeps!

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  1. I would have gone straight for the potato salad - one of my favorites. I bet you looked pretty in your bright shirt! I tend to buy t-shirts too. :D